DeepSleep - Hibernate your Mac

Many people have a lot applications running on their laptop and they like to simply close the lid to put the laptop to sleep so they can get back into their applications instantly. But if the laptop is not used for a while, the batteries on the laptop will be drained while the laptop is sleeping.

DeepSleep will allow your Mac laptop or desktop to sleep without using any power or drain the batteries (also known as hibernate for people that are used to Windows PCs). It saves everything to disk and stops using power completely. When you wake up your machines by pressing the power button, DeepSleep will restore everything and wake up just like you left it. It takes a little longer than normal sleep but it is a great battery saver when you know you won't be using the computer for a while. Give it a try, you will love the convenience and the extra battery life!


Super Easy to Use

Free Trial - DeepSleep 2.4

Supports macOS Sierra and Mac OS X El Capitan

DeepSleep vs "System Resume on Restart"

System Resume on Restart is the same as a system restart except it saves the state of each application before shutdown and restores them when starting up again. When you have many applications open it can take quite a while to shutdown and then restart. DeepSleep does not shutdown but enters hibernation by "freezing" the memory and it is much faster than System Resume on Restart when you have many applications open.

Watch the video below for a demonstration. The video has been edited so you don't have to endure the slow boot times of a MacBook Pro from Late 2008. The time measurements are accurate. If you like watching videos in Full 1080p glory, you can watch the same video on YouTube.